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17 November 2005 @ 05:16 pm
drabble:: numb3rs  
Challenge:: Uncertainty

Title: Like Chalk
Characters: Charlie & Don
Rating/Category: PG
Word Count: 100 |Cookie for Don :P|
Spoilers: None really (a little hint to Uncertainty Principal)
Summary: Happiness is like chalk, so easily can it be crushed.

Charlie squinted slightly, examining the messy scribbles adorning his chalkboard. White dust covered his wrinkled clothes, his skin, his hair, aging him 20 years. Concentration drew lines in his face as he reviewed his work. A squeaky door interrupted his contemplation.


The chalk in his hand, which he clenched tightly, crumbled.

“Hey, buddy, are you alright?”

Footsteps. Then a hand. A hand on his shoulder, with a firm yet gentle grip.


The word escaped his lips almost subconsciously. Cold, emotionless. He felt a penetrating gaze delve into his mind, discerning truth from lie.

And then the chalk fell.

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