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13 November 2005 @ 03:43 pm
Title: A Thief In My Own Right
Author: Moi! (mauderaux_toxic)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Poetry, Free Verse
Author's Note: x-posted in my personal journal

A Thief In My Own Right

It was not love by which his mouth burned against mine; it was fire fueled by the passion of his hate.

The little love he had would not be bestowed upon me, rather hoarded away in a hidden cache, forever gathering dust.

And it twas not love he sought from me.

He sought my soul.

He became a thief, stealing what I refused to give him. Stealing my strengths and weaknesses. My perfections and faults. My mind and my body.

He stole my heart.

And broke it.

Like a merciless master, he controlled me, shamed me, and humiliated me. A dog bruised and beaten by his owner, forced to subject to horrific mind games.

It was he who held the blade to my wrist.

Whipped and scarred, I was a pitiful image of self-destruction.

I have become a criminal, a thief in my own right.

I seek to take his last breath.