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12 November 2015 @ 06:45 pm
Obligatory First Post  
Please Read This Post First!

This community is for the sole purpose of giving me an outlet for my limited creativity. The posts contained here may contain:

|x| Fanfics
|x| Poetry
|x| Various Sketches
|x| An Occasional Batch of Icons
|x| Recommended Artists

The work I post on here may not be used for public use unless stated. I will most likely allow the use of personal work if permission is asked, so don't be afraid to contact me.

Any work posted here that is not mine has been used with permission. I will always cite the original source when posting others' work.

I will take requests for the time being, but I will not be taking commissions. Why? To put it simply, I know I'm not that good.

Please post comments on my work. If there's one thing I need, it's critique. I'd love to hear from you.


Edit:: Commenting as to why it will only be an 'occasional batch of icons.' The only graphics program I happen to have it MS Paint. And no, I am not going to be getting any new, high-tech graphics editor program anytime soon. (It wouldn't help, mainly because I could never figure out how to use it!) So the only icons I will be posting will be ones I manage to scrape up out of the crappy program I currently have (and love so dearly) and post on photobucket. So there.